Project development

The Des Cultures Renewable Energy team is continuing its efforts to obtain all permits so that project construction can begin in Fall 2020.

All the information regarding the Wind Farm construction will be posted on our website.

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Government Decree Issued

The Des Cultures Wind Energy Project continues to progress following the announcement of a Québec government decree that authorizes the project. The decree can be viewed here (in French only). Construction of the wind farm will begin in just a few months. This August, public…

BAPE Process Completed

The Des Cultures Wind Farm Project has reached a significant milestone as no public hearing was requested following the public information session held in July 2019 by the Bureau d’audiences publiques sur l’environnement (BAPE). This means that the Des Cultures Wind Farm Project appears to…

Contact Us

For any inquiries about the Des Cultures Wind Project, please contact Kruger Energy:



Paule Veilleux-Turcotte
Manager, Communications, Kruger Inc.
514 343-3100, ext. 12010


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