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Des Cultures Renewable Energy announces
the commissioning of the Des Cultures Wind Farm in Saint-Rémi and Saint-Michel.



  • Installed capacity: 24 MW
  • 6 Enercon wind turbines (E-138 model)
  • Underground electrical collector system
  • Commissioning: February 1st, 2022
  • Municipalities of Saint-Rémi and Saint-Michel


  • December 2018 – Filing of environmental impact assessment
  • December 2018 – Filing of CPTAQ application
  • May to August 2019 – BAPE process
  • Spring 2020 – Permits and authorization to construct
  • Fall 2020 – Start of construction
  • Winter 2021/2022: Commissioning


  • Partnership between Kahnawà:ke Sustainable Energies (30% equity) and Kruger Energy (70%)
  • Twenty-year Power Purchase Agreement signed in 2011 by Kahnawà:ke Sustainable Energies
  • Only Aboriginal project among 11 community projects selected under call for tenders A/O 2009-02


  • Growth-generating economic benefits for the communities in the municipalities of Saint-Rémi and Saint-Michel and for the Mohawk Community that is investing in the project
  • 60% Québec content
  • Regional content (Gaspésie – Îles-de-la-Madeleine administrative region and Matane RCM) represents 30% of total wind turbine cost
  • $180,000 / year in voluntary contributions paid out to the host municipalities (or more than $3.6 million over 20 years)
  • $165,000 / year shared among all participanting landowners for a period of 20 years
  • 40 – 50 jobs during the construction phase
  • 2 – 4 permanent jobs during the operational phase


  • In the long term, Kruger Energy and Kahnawà:ke Sustainable Energies are proposing an environmentally friendly project for the benefit of present and future generations
  • Comprehensive environmental impact assessment based on work completed in the region over the past decade
  • Public meetings and clear communication with the community
  • Rigorous post-construction monitoring
  • Protection of farmland and agricultural infrastructures
  • Stakeholder committee in place for the duration of the project

About Kruger Energy

Kruger Energy, a business unit of Kruger Inc., specializes in the development and management of green and renewable energy power plants. Kruger Inc. and Kruger Energy own and manage 38 production sites, ranging from hydroelectric, wind and solar power plants to biomass cogeneration plants, and whose total installed capacity is 540 MW.

About KSE

Kahnawà:ke Sustainable Energies was founded in 2010 as a subsidiary of the Kahnawà:ke Economic Development Commission. Its mission is to help meet energy demands by developing renewable energy projects that are respectful of the natural world, reduce our collective energy footprint, and generate revenue, employment opportunities and other benefits for the host communities, Kahnawà:ke, and the surrounding regions.