Stemming from a partnership between Kahnawà:ke Sustainable Energies and Kruger Energy to build the Des Cultures Wind Farm, Des Cultures Renewable Energy is pleased to mark National Indigenous Peoples Day. Together, we are not only building a wind farm, we are building a bridge between our communities. It is with great pride that we celebrate the unique heritage and cultural diversity of First Nations, Inuit and Métis peoples.


Kahnawà:ke Sustainable Energies 

On National Indigenous Peoples Day, we celebrate the collaborative effort project between Kruger Energy and Kahnawà:ke Sustainable Energies (KSE), partners in the construction of the Des Cultures Wind Farm Project.

This project sheds a positive light on the vision of peaceful co-existence with our neighbours while respecting one another’s way of life, and will allow for the supply modern energy to Kahnawà:ke’s many neighbors while balancing respect for Mother Nature.

KSE values the cooperation between the two partners.


Kruger Energy

In addition to the Des Cultures Wind Farm project, Kruger Energy is committed to developing various renewable energy projects in collaboration with indigenous communities.