Construction Status Update

Des Cultures Wind Farm Construction

The Des Cultures Wind Energy Project team is pleased to announce that construction of the Des Cultures Wind Farm has resumed on April 12.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team:
1-844-668-6818  |

Week of July 12, 2021


  • Component deliveries:
    • T4: 1 upper tower sections, rotor, stator, hub and 3 blades;
    • T6: 3 lower tower sections.
  • Turbine erection:
    • T4: pre-assembly of the nacelle, rotor and stator;
    • T5: pre-assembly of the nacelle, rotor and stator;
    • T6: erection of the e-module and the 3 lower tower sections.
  • 130T crane at T4 and T6.
  • 160T crane at T5.
  • 500T crane at T6.
  • 650T crane at T4.


  • Substation:
    • Electrical connection and equipment installation in the substation's control building;
    • Installation of the fence;
    • Electrical tests.
  • Component deliveries:
    • T3: 1 upper tower sections.

** Note that the construction teams will be off on July 1st.

The next Construction Schedule will exceptionally be published on Monday July 5th.

Wind turbine numbers and infrastructure siting are shown on the project map below.